Tiltable Cooker-Mixer

For cooking mixing of:

  • Soups and Sauces
  • Rice and Rice Pudding
  • Porridge, fruit or cereal based
  • Ready Meals
  • Chutneys, other  ethnic sauces
  • Other high viscous products

Operating the Tiltable cooker:

  • Load product into upright kettle
  • While agitator is active
  • Heat by culinary steam
  • Tilt vessel  for discharge
  • Clean and inspect when tilted. Description: 
  • Hemispherical bottom with culinary steam injection
  • Horizontal Paddle agitator driven by  gearmotor
  • Power operated tilting
  • Kettle mounted concentric  between two columns
  • Detached lid
  • Delivered in sizes from 600-2000 liters


  • Eccentric suspension (High Tilt)
  • Power operated lid
  • PT 100 in agitator
  • Bottom discharge valve
  • Bin tipper for loading bulk product