Vacuum-Pressure Cooker

For Cooking:

  • Jams and Marmalade
  • Soups and Sauces
  • Ketchup and Mustard
  • Porridge, Fruit based
  • Ready Meal

Operating the BATCHMatch cooker:

  • Loading product by vacuum (option) or through manhole
  • Cooking by steam in jacket
  • Mixing by horizontal agitator
  • Vacuum cooking or cooling (option)
  • Discharge by air or gas.


  • Steam jacket covering hemispherical bottom.
  • Jacket insulated and covered waterproof  in stainless steel
  • Baffle agitator for enhanced mixing during slow RPM.
  • Discharge valve with CIP
  • Central intake additives with CIP
  • Ø400 mm manhole cover
  • Pt-100 built in agitator


  • From 100 to 4000 liters


  • Vacuum system
  • Vacuum cooling
  • Condensate recovery and cooling
  • Bulk loading system