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Pilot Equipment

The Pilot cooker shown above has been designed for the use for our customers to do trials on their own recipes.

We recognize the fact that it is a difficult decision to move from one type process to another; much can be lost if the wrong selection of new equipment is made.

Our 150 liter vacuum cooker-cooler is designed to move into your factory and with few means is ready for your lab-technicians  or production personnel to start producing.

The machine is delivered in its own stainless steel skid mounted container, and once the transport panels are removed  the entire unit can be washed down and  moved into a production or lab area.
To start production the machine needs only power, steam, air and cooling water.

The cooker-cooler is designed for 3 bar working pressure and full vacuum and can produce batches from 25 to 150 liters. It  is equipped with the highly effective combination of coil for heat exchange and large baffle for mixing the product in a horizontal movement.

To cook with vacuum or evaporate the cooker is connected to a tube and shell condenser which has a receiver tank for collection of condensate. The water ring vacuum pump is connected to this receiver, thus leaving condensate for recirculation back into the product.

The control panel incl. speed regulation of the agitator, temperature read-out, start of vacuum pump and emergency stop.

Loading of product is through a small manhole with sight-glass and discharge through the bottom outlet;
Vacuum suction of sugar and other ingredients are taken in through a side valve using a hose.

It is possible to perform test on:

  • loading product by vacuum
  • cooking under vacuum
  • evaporating to adjust for Brix
  • cool product by circulating cooling water through rotating coil and jacket
  • charge product by air or gas


This machine has been used by many of our customers who later found out that the test results are very close to that of a full scale machine.

Since the equipment is very expensive we rent the unit by the week for a fee which can be used to reduce the price of the final equipment.

Please ask us for availability of the Pilot Machine.