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General about our Equipment

  • Made in the Europian Union
  • Based on horizontal agitator wih hemispherical bottom, which gives the optimum mixing of solids in the product at a very low RPM
  • When cooling is performed in the same kettle, the horizontal agitation assures that particles are kept in a well mixed suspension
  • All Components are heavy duty designed and meeting  the requirements in EU and USA, for industrial food production
  • All wed surfaces are in Aisi 316 or similar and polished to Ra. 0.8
  • Pressure vessels can be designed, built and approved to PED 97 / 23
  • Rotating shaft seals, Teflon rope seal
  • Cooking and cooling in same vessel, minimizes loss and damage to product compared to pumping through heat exchangers
  • CIP cleaning
  • Vacuum cooling via the ALA-Hammerum Tube + Shell Condensor with aroma recovery, provides a fast cooling
  • Pilot Cooker / Cooler is available ready for testing (150 L) especially for high viscous products that are normally hard to cool