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Aseptic Vacuum Cooker-Cooler

For cooking and cooling of:

  • Jams and marmalade
  • Yoghurt and Ice-cream fruit
  • Bake-stable fruit mixes
  • Non-dairy type sauces and ready meals


Operating the aseptic BATCHMatch:

  • Loading product and additive by vacuum or manhole
  • Cooking by steam jacket and rotating coil/agitator
  • Cooking under vacuum to remove air in fruit
  • Cooking at temp. up to 143 deg.C
  • Cooling aseptically by use of jacket and coil/agitator
  • Discharging product by sterile air or inert gas


  • Steam jacket covering hemispherical bottom
  • Jacket insulated and covered waterproof in stainless steel
  • Coil agitator with baffles for enhanced mixing during slow RPM
  • Outlet for vacuum system
  • Discharge valve with CIP
  • Central intake additives with CIP
  • Ø400 mm manhole cover
  • Aseptic stuffing box for shaft seal
  • 2½” swivel seal for steam and cooling water
  • Pt-100 built in agitator